Los Angeles

Caleb Craig is a queer artist who makes large-scale audiovisual productions using a blend of virtual reality, music performance, and motion capture. Their current body of work involves creating digital assets for their music that can transform across media to communicate their interests in identity formation and social change. They received a BFA in Art-X (Expanded Forms) from the University of Georgia and an MFA in Art & Technology from the California Institute of the Arts.

Unfurling (Environmental Concept Art, 2021
3D Render

Unfurling (Environmental Concept Art Set-Up), 2021
3D Render

Unfurling: Horned Deity Avatar, 2021
3D Rendered Animation

Unfurling (Horned Deity Avatar), 2021
3D print, alcohol ink – 5 in. x 5 in. x 5 in.

Unfurling: Goddess Avatar, 2021
Digital Video

Unfurling is an ongoing project in which I separate syncretized Celtic symbols from Christianity to render a possible queer origin. I’m inspired by the idea that Celtic motifs are based on a recognition of humanity’s entanglement with nature. By presenting new takes on old archetypes, I want to present potential paradigms for kinship, pleasure, and body modalities.

This work highlights Christianity’s appropriation of polytheistic symbols as a tool in colonization and imperialism. The flat, winding motifs of insular art serve as a counterpoint to the perspective of classical art, pointing to the uses of perspective as a method of categorizing and rendering society but also questioning the efficacy of aniconism in resisting.

The works in this show are derived from assets for a virtual reality project. The central avatars in the work evoke symbolism relating to rebirth, wildness, parthenogenesis, etc. in an environment that plays between abstraction and figuration. In its final form, I want this piece to posit questions about queer potential including queer family structures, sexual roles, and reproduction.

3D Print UV Chamber, (2021)
Digital Video