Los Angeles

I am a multi-media artist based in Los Angeles interested in narrative, meaning making, and the nature of perception. Metamorphosis often comes into play in my work. I received a BA from the Gallatin School at NYU with a focus in Psychology and Studio Art. I completed my MFA in Art at the California Institute of the Arts.

Untitled (Honeymoon), 2021
52” x 10” x 66”
Backlit graphic print, wood lightbox

Untitled, 2021
Installation shot

Untitled Diptych (II), 2021
16” x 20”
Sand, inherited postcards, wood stain, pine panels

Detail View #1 - Untitled Diptych (II), 2021

Detail View #2 - Untitled Diptych (II), 2021

Installation View - Untitled (Queen Mary), 2021
16” x 20”
Sand, inherited postcard, wood stain, pine panel

The notion of the archive has always compelled me. Its relationship to meaning making particularly. Through the archive, the individual, or rather the actions, values, or decisions of the individual are laid bare to reveal truths of the system they exist in regardless of intention. Then there is the self reflexive sifting that happens within archives. What is included? What is excluded? When an outside party encounters an archive and creates new records of their own, the meaning compounds. Individuality, perception, circumstance, speculation. Encounter the other can reveal oneself. During a secluded period in my family home, I turned these considerations onto the record of my own family’s history.